Founders Comment

On the full moon In late May, I was introduced to a remarkable Guru – Mangeshda  (called Dadaji  by his followers) who was visiting Toronto for a few days.  I found out later that he has opened 93 centers of Kriya Yoga around the world.  As he had one day free, he was going sightseeing to Center Island the following day.

Since I live at the Harbourfront,  my friend Deepa and I invited him to lunch at my home.  He graciously agreed and the next day while having lunch much conversation ensued and I spoke to him about the retreat I was creating.  He spontaneously replied that we should go right away to see it even though the plan was to visit the islands.

The next thing we knew, we were driving 1 ½ hour North on the 404 to visit the place.  Dadaji loved it and felt this would be a good place to initiate not only people into Kriya Yoga but also to initiate the opening of the Retreat.  I couldn’t believe my ears as I had learnt Kriya Yoga over 10 years ago and couldn’t have found a more fitting way to open this forest retreat center!

As we were about to enter our car for the ride home, he asked to see my hand.  He placed my right palm downwards and gently rubbed the top of my hand with one finger.   The perfume of sandalwood  emanated from my hand and stayed for the rest of the day!

I feel so privileged to offer you this special initiation into Kriya Yoga.

Dadaji is especially flying down from India for this initiation having reorganized his travel schedule.   How it will affect each of you, I do not know, but here is a rare chance to experience something that will  benefit you your entire life.

If you feel called, please do come.